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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Best Advisory Company; Today OUTLOOK International Market Update With MCX Support & Resistance Level

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International Market Update

$ 1281.56 (+2.56)
$ 17.012(+0.087)
$ 3.188(+0.001)
Crude Oil
$ 52.09(-0.09)

Mcx Support & Resistance Level

Free MCX Market Tips

Gold Dec Future Silver Dec Future
R2–29650 R2–39900
R1-29550 R1-39700
S1-29350 S1-39300
S2-29250 S2-39100

Crude Oil Nov Future Copper Nov Future
R2–3440 R2–461.50
R1-3410 R1-459
S1-3350 S1-454
S2-3320 S2-451.50

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